Australian Careers

Pharmaceutical Sales

The Salesforce of Servier Australia which, including both Medical Representatives and Regional Managers, employs almost 120 people, is considered to be amongst the best trained, most professional and most productive in Australia.

The National sales team is divided into 11 Regional Units covering the complete geography of Australia. Every Regional Unit is sub-divided into Divisional teams, each comprising a group of Medical Representatives who are managed and developed by the local Regional Manager. These representatives are responsible for promoting Servier’s portfolio of ethical pharmaceutical products to both primary and secondary healthcare professionals.

A Medical Sales Representative is a field-based, territory management role where you will be responsible for promoting Servier’s portfolio of ethical pharmaceutical products to both primary and secondary healthcare professionals in line with challenging annual sales targets, following completion of a comprehensive residential Initial Training Course.

Following rigorous in-field training and professional development by the local Regional Manager, representatives will be ready to sit the Medicines Australia Industry examination (CEP), necessary to become an established and fully qualified medical sales representative. Successful sales performance via the professional management of relationships with prescribers within the medical profession, will lead to significant rewards through the sales incentive scheme and in turn will provide opportunities in Sales Management, Training, Medical Information (Marketing), Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Co-ordination, if so desired.

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Department is responsible for conducting Phase I, II and III and IV clinical trials in Australia with the objective of bringing-to-market Servier pharmaceuticals, thereby continuously strengthening Servier’s global product portfolio and ultimately contributing to the organisation’s long-term success within the global pharma market.

Entry level for life science graduates (Masters minimum) will be as a Clinical Research Associate, tracking clinical studies from initiation to completion. Progression will be to Clinical Project Manager status and a variety of roles, which will include Clinical Research Management, Medical Advisor and Medical & Corporate Affairs.


Other Opportunities

From time to time opportunities in areas such as Medical Information (Marketing), Strategic Co-ordination, Regulatory Affairs, Information Services, Human Resources and Finance will arise. These are mainly based at our Head Office in Melbourne.