"Our group's capital is human, not financial"          Dr Jacques Servier

Servier Australia is proud to be part of the Servier Research Group whose fundamental principles have guided it to exceptional success through the past 50 years. The Group's key goal, the discovery of innovative drugs and their development for use by the worldwide healthcare community, is a long-term undertaking marked by challenges that are scientific, human, industrial and financial.

Servier culture is defined by the desire of our people to meet these challenges, fundamentally through the achievement of three key objectives:

  • Firstly, to satisfy the needs of prescribers and their patients, the end-users of our products;
  • Secondly, a fundamental objective, to advance research: Servier belongs as much to the research community as to industry;
  • Thirdly, a key objective too often forgotten in today's world, to promote a company environment and culture that maximises the potential of everyone working within it.

The combination of skills and corporate culture has rewarded Servier, from its inception with rapid, worldwide growth, enabling it to remain a totally independent company, a status that we are determined to preserve.