Compliance with regulations:

Decree No. 2011-829 of 11 July 2011 concerning greenhouse gas emissions and the national climate-energy plan


The Gidy, Bolbec, and Baclair sites have finalized their greenhouse gas emission balance and have identified the main points of leverage for reducing their carbon footprint.

Servier goes further…

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of 330 metric tons at the compressed air facility at Bolbec.
  • 17% reduction in energy consumption at the Arklow, Gidy, Nouasseur, Jacarepagua, Madrid, and Tianjin sites, by slowing down or stopping the air-treatment plants when there is no production activity.
  • 62 m2 of solar panels at Nouasseur meet the whole site's hot water requirements.
  • Planned: at Bolbec the hiring of a fleet of electric vehicles for use in business trips.