Our three basic goals

Servier is a company involved in research activities that are focused on current major health priorities and on the future. Our actions are guided by three basic goals:

  • First of all, to satisfy doctors who prescribe our products and patients who benefit from them.
  • Secondly, to participate in the advances made by research because we are a research organisation as much as an industry.
  • Our third goal, one that is vital but frequently forgotten in today's world, is to encourage the professional fulfilment of each person within, and through, the company.

 Our three basic ideas

 The most important point is that we believe in our line of business. 

  • Medicines add years to life and life to years
    During the 20th century, life expectancy has continued to increase. Every year that passes by adds 3 extra months of life. It also implies better quality of life thanks to the efficient treatment of severe or painful diseases.
  • Medicines are an investment
    In most cases, the cost of treating a disease is lower than the cost of not treating it. This applies to the majority of common chronic diseases, for example, hypertension or diabetes.
    These two diseases can, in fact, lead, at a later stage in life, to severe complications which treatment with drugs can now prevent. This proves that although medicines may represent an immediate cost for the patient and the community, they represent an investment in duration and quality of life.
  • The world pharmaceutical market will continue to be a high growth sector