Mission and Values

The pursuit of excellence in research, medicines and people management

Servier takes great pride in its unique cultural heritage as an international, independent research-based ethical pharmaceutical company, governed by a non-profit foundation. In particular, we acknowledge that our success derives from an exceptionally high ratio of investment in research together with the quality, loyalty and commitment of our people.

Servier Australia Mission

  • Customers
    The doctors who prescribe, the pharmacists who dispense and the patients who take our medicines are our customers. The satisfaction of their needs is our purpose.
  • Research
    Servier aims to be recognized as one of the top ten companies in medical and pharmaceutical research.
  • Growth
    To consistently achieve growth sufficient to ensure the long-term viability of the company.
  • Excellence
    To achieve and reward excellence.
  • Balance
    To strike an appropriate balance between personal, professional and company needs.
  • Inter-dependence
    To be considerate and never knowingly let our working colleagues down by failing to appreciate our dependence on each other.

At Servier we Value

  • Developing a distinctive role and reputation.
  • Strategic planning which embraces responsible corporate, social and environmental needs.
  • A company environment which fosters a sense of fulfillment and pleasure for all who work within it.
  • The individual worth, talent and contribution of every person who works for the company.
  • The opportunity to achieve excellence through training, development and where appropriate, the extension of responsibility and promotion.
  • An environment which maximizes the safety, well-being, and job security of those who work within it.
  • The right of every person to be heard and respected.
  • Honest and open communication and the investment of time for such activity.
  • Self-evaluation and flexibility