National Field Sales Manager

Servier was, and still is my only ever full time employer, and I have been lucky enough to be employed by Servier for over 10 years. I graduated from the University of Ballarat at the end of 2003 with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Management. At that stage I was uncertain as to what role I wanted to persue, or even what industry I wanted to work in! Given that I sought advice from a number of mentors and role models who suggested a pharmaceutical sales representative role may be for me.

Until then I didn’t even know the role existed. I knew I enjoyed, and wanted to get into sales, but I didn't know much about the pharmaceutical industry, nor what the culture would be like within the industry. To be honest, my reservations were that it may be a little boring and stiff. I did a lot more research and liked what I uncovered, in particular about Servier. For someone new to the industry I liked that Servier is renowned for a commitment to professional development and helping graduates achieve their best. I was also impressed with the individuals I encountered at my first interviews.

I actually had two interviews on finishing university, one with a large multi-national alcohol company and one with Servier. I got offered both roles and chose Servier, primarily due to the professionalism I encountered during the interview process. The people interviewing me were young, ambitious and committed and that's what I aspired to, that was the culture I wanted.

I started as a GP representative in Victoria and through hard work with my territory partners we won the "Territory of the Year" award in 2004. I was promoted to Hospital Specialist Representative, and then to Field Manager in Victoria North and in that time Victoria celebrated the prestigious "Regional Team of the Year" in 2007, 2008. I then had the opportunity to relocate to NSW and take a promotion to Regional Manager. Moving to Sydney was very much out of my comfort zone and a great chance to develop personally and professionally. It was also an opportunity to build a team and prove myself. Pleasingly one of the territories in my region achieved the highest sales results in the nation during that time. In 2010 I was promoted to National Field Sales Manager, in this role the Regional Sales Managers from NSW & QLD report through to me.

I feel fortunate to be part of a culture that promotes from within. I have benefited from the fact that Servier is a company that promotes the best person for a role, regardless of "seniority". This is what I saw during my initial interview back in 2003, is what I have experienced, and is the philosophy now when I am on the interview panel. I think this is where Servier gets it right, through employing quality individuals.

You will see we strive to achieve excellence and have fun doing it. Our times together always have a great vibe, be it at sales meetings, product training or conferences. This is something I never take for granted as I know from talking with friends at other companies that not all work places are like this.

My career at Servier has enabled me to develop personally and professionally, to experience living in different states, to travel throughout Australia and overseas for work, conferences and professional development. I truly feel blessed to be part of a company that has given me so much.