Regional Sales Manager

After working as a Physiotherapist for 7 years I needed a change, and a friend of a friend suggested I try Pharmaceutical Sales. After some research into exactly what a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative did, the industry, and a couple of interviews with recruitment companies, I was lucky enough to get an interview with Servier.

The best piece of advice I received from a recruiter during my research was “During interviews with various companies, go for the role where you feel you ‘click best’ with your Sales Manager, as this will be the person you get the most development from, so it will help you enjoy your new job and also set you up for a great future in the industry.”

I joined Servier in January 2007 as a GP representative on the Central Coast of NSW. With a lot of hard work and two fantastic territory partners our sales performance improved so that by the end of 2009 we were the number one performing territory in Australia. In 2010 I was promoted to a Hospital Specialist role, then October 2010 into Sales Management.

Being able to work for this amazing company has been very rewarding! And often I think back to how lucky I was to have had that friend of a friend suggest this industry to me when I knew I wanted a change from Physiotherapy.

Like any job, this one has it’s challenging days, but I’m one of the lucky few who can honestly say I love coming to work every single day!

The discussions with clinicians about how our products can benefit their patients, combined with the relationships I have made with many colleagues (whom I now call friends), has made my first 6 years with Servier extremely enjoyable and I look forward to spending many many more years here.