Servier Architecture: Respecting Cultures

Subsidiary and ICTR - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Servier attaches great importance to the building design of its sites, seeking an architecture which reconciles technology and aesthetics while respecting the host country’s culture. A choice which is not more costly and which every day enhances quality of life in the workplace.

Drug manufacturing plant - Tianjin - China

The architect and town planner Jan Losowski has worked for over 30 years with Dr Servier. They share the same desire to shun 19th century style factories and reinforced concrete.

Drug manufacturing plant - Casablanca

Jan Losowski’s first building for Servier was the Gidy production center, in the early 1970s. His mission was to build a factory where people would go to work with the feeling that they are going to their own home. On seeing the result, the employees called the production site the “factory-village.”

Drug manufacturing plant - Gidy

Jan Losowski considers that he has no right to blot out traces of the culture of the country where he is working. “When I work in a country, I bring to bear my experience as an architect, my technological experience, but I have no right to take from them their cultural know-how. And the reactions of everyone in every country have confirmed that we were not mistaken.”

“Man grows and develops in architecture, which reflects the past and prepares the future. As an architect I haven’t the right to take that from them!”

Drug manufacturing plant - Sophyno - Russia