Compliance with regulations

The principles stated in prefectural orders (in force from 10/9/2007 at Bolbec):

  • The operator makes provision (…) to ensure good waste management and to limit waste production, notably by implementing all possible recovery operations.
  • The operator oversees elimination of waste produced in external accredited centers, while observing the proximity principle.
  • Each batch of hazardous waste shipped outside the plant must be accompanied by a waste tracking document.


  • From process development onwards, waste management to minimize waste production.
  • Implementation of rigorous follow-up of waste, with identification, characterization, and traceability from emission to the treatment center.

Servier goes further...

  • At the Oril site, approximately 10 000 metric tons of solvents per year are regenerated externally, and over 3000 metric tons of solvent are utilized in steam production.
  • 100% of paper now used at the Warsaw site is recycled, and the quantity of plastic recycled has been multiplied sixfold.
  • Over 50% of solid waste is recycled at the Jacarepagua (Brazil) site.
  • Gidy produces 1500 metric tons of nontoxic waste each year, 71% of which is recovered by recycling and 26% is used for energy production.