Since the creation of our Group, this vision has dictated our behaviours and commitments and encompasses our CSR policy and governance practices.

Our responsibility lies not only with the 64 million patients who are treated with our medicines on a daily basis, but also with our 21,000 employees, our stakeholders and partners, and our environment. The scope of our accountability is economic, social, and environmental.

We want the Servier Group to consistently be recognised as an involved healthcare provider who makes positive and responsible contributions with the intention of preserving the future for all.

Our uniqueness hinges on our mode of governance: we are governed by a Foundation.

This structure safeguards our independence and allows us to invest over the long term for the benefit of patients, free from the short-term vision or constraints of financial markets. It is a tremendous opportunity that brings with it an immense responsibility.

  • A company committed to healthcare

    • Product safety and quality
    • Anti-counterfeiting
    • Eco-design
    • Global approach to healthcare

  • Caring about people

    • Health and Safety at work
    • Employee wellbeing
    • Diversity & equal opportunities
    • Managerial practices

  • Focused on our business practices

    • Business ethics
    • Responsible purchasing
    • Ethics & transparency of clinical trials
    • Responsible marketing & promotion
    • Stakeholder engagement

  • Aiming for a positive footprint

    • Access to healthcare
    • Local development & community engagement
    • Climate change & responsible use of resources
    • Effluents & waste management

Australian Initiatives

Servier takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. Being a sustainable business is central to our philosophy of independence. This encompasses efficient management of resources such as energy and waste.

Servier has made a commitment to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Servier was the first pharmaceutical company to sign up to CitySwitch Green Office, a national partnership between business and state and local governments, working together to improve energy efficiency and to play a key role in supporting the business sector’s transition to a low carbon economy. CitySwitch provides an Energy efficiency rating of 1 to 6 stars to rate our building’s environmental performance.

The energy savings and environmental benefits of the program are significant. Servier has avoided more than 500 tonnes of CO2 from when we first joined CitySwitch in 2012. And as of 2019, we have a 4 star rating!

Click here to visit the CitySwitch website.