Lifeline Partnership

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Key amongst these is its 13 11 14 telephone line.

Somewhere in Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute. People call Lifeline about suicidal thoughts or attempts, personal crisis, anxiety, depression, loneliness, abuse and trauma and stresses from work or family. Lifeline aims to help callers to develop strategies to deal with the circumstances underpinning the crisis, and, where appropriate, suggest services that may offer more specialised, professional support.

Servier Australia has funded research projects through the Lifeline Research Foundation to investigate improved pathways to ensure the crisis support service can help all its callers – both one-off callers and frequent callers. The Lifeline Research Foundation brings together the insights of those with personal experience about suicide (survivors of suicide attempts and people impacted by the loss of another to suicide) with researchers and professional experts to find better ways to prevent the tragic loss of life.

“Lifeline would like to thank Servier Australia for showing leadership within the health industry, by being the first corporate contributor to Lifeline’s Suicide Prevention Foundation” CEO, Lifeline National Office


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The Royal Australian College of Physicians Servier Staff “Barry Young” Research Establishment Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is designed to enable further research in the field of oncology either prevention or cure. The Servier Staff Fellowship has been awarded annually for over 20 years. It was established by Barry Young, former Managing Director of Servier Australia and is named in his honour.

The Royal Australian College of Physicians

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MAPrc – Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre – Servier Research Fellowship in Women’s Mental Health

MAPrc coordinates and facilitates all research performed within The Alfred’s Department of Psychiatry. MAPrc comprises a multidisciplinary team of over 100 staff and postgraduate students from medicine, nursing, psychology, allied health, science and health information services. This team works together integrating neuroscience, clinical medicine, sociopolitical dimensions and humanitarian endeavours with the aim of improving outcomes for people with mental ill health and their families.

Servier is proud to be a partner of MAPrc, both by providing the grant for a Research Fellowship as well as to supporter and sponsor continuing medical education in the field of Women’s Mental Health.

MAPrc - Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre

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Heart of Australia

Heart of Australia is an innovative service for rural and remote Australians which provides a medical clinic on wheels to communities across Queensland. The highly customised road-train has covered more than 450,000 square kilometres through its delivery of specialist medical investigations and treatments.

Servier Australia is proud to have been a contributing sponsor of this important service since 2014.

Heart of Australia

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Australasian Society of Bipolar & Depressive Diseases – Servier Research Grant for Early/Mid-Career Researchers

The Australasian Society for Bipolar & Depressive Disorders (ASBDD) aims to be a primary forum for research communication, academic exchange, advocacy and education and is one of the ASBDD is one of the Founding chapters of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.

Servier Australia is delighted to be an ongoing Sponsor of a Research Grant for Early/Mid Career Researchers, presented at the biennial scientific conference. This grant helps recipients to forge their academic paths into psychiatric research.

Australasian Society of Bipolar & Depressive Diseases

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Australian Diabetes Society – Servier Diabetes Research Grants

Servier Australia has strongly supported national diabetes priorities for many years. The ADS – Servier Diabetes Research Grants are another example of Servier providing direct and practical support to improve understanding of Type 2 diabetes, especially when it comes to patient care. They are named in honour of Barry Young, former Managing Director of Servier Australia.

Australian Diabetes Society

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