Our Vocation

We are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs with the help of healthcare professionals. We strive to provide future generations with a world where quality healthcare is available and accessible to all.

Our Vision

Put patients and innovation at the heart of all our actions

Foster our individual and collective commitment, the Group’s driving force

Guarantee our independence and our capacity for long-term investment

Be a Group with global reach

Our 4 Values

Dare to innovate

We undertake to provide innovative therapeutic solutions. Driven by a pioneering spirit, we dare, we strive, and we accomplish together.


We prepare for the future by embracing human and environmental dimensions. Our concern for the health and fulfilment of all is our driving force.

Grow by sharing

Every opportunity to work together contributes to the common good. Whoever, wherever we are, we grow and develop by working together, building on one another’s experiences and contributions.

Commit to succeed

The continuous development of the Group is vital. Whatever the challenge, we are committed to keeping our promises.