John* is a 49 year old male of Asian descent.  He is married to a personal trainer and has two young children.

John was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol four years ago. His blood pressure at the time was 169/95 mmHg. John’s mother, who also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, had urged him to visit his GP to check his heart health as “these conditions run in the family”

Despite his doctor’s recommendation to start taking blood pressure lowering medication, John initially decided against it, as he believed he could lower his blood pressure by changing his lifestyle. He started exercising regularly, stopped smoking and reduced his alcohol intake.

He ate less red meat, put less salt in his cooking and added more fibre to his diet. He even quit his job to lower his stress.

“These conditions run in the family.”

After a year of these lifestyle changes, John had lost 4 kg of body weight and his cholesterol levels had dropped, however his blood pressure was still high. His GP told him that he was at an increased risk of having a heart attack and should start taking medication to lower his blood pressure.

John’s fear of having a heart attack and leaving his young children without a father convinced him to start taking blood pressure lowering medication.

Six months later, John’s blood pressure was still high, so his GP added a second blood pressure lowering drug. John continued with the lifestyle modifications. He used a prescription reminder app from his pharmacy to regularly fill his prescription. His main motivation to stay on treatment is to prevent a heart attack so that he can continue to look after his children. John monitors his blood pressure at home to make sure it stays well controlled and hopes to be able to beat his high blood pressure. His wife has been supportive throughout his high blood pressure journey. He’s planning to get back to work and hoping to stop taking blood pressure medication one day.

*Name changed. Stock photo shown.

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