The Australian ICTR, based in Melbourne, was opened in 1999 and was the first International Centre for Therapeutic Research to be opened by Servier outside of Europe. The ICTR manages Phase I, II and III clinical trials in collaboration with investigators based in research hospitals, general practices and Phase I units across Australia. The ICTR is also responsible for implementing non-clinical research collaborations and strategic alliances with leading academic facilities, research institutes and biotechnology companies.

Australia is a leading country in terms of medical innovation and the scientific research and development activities conducted in Australia contribute to the development of new therapeutic solutions to the benefit of patients in Australia and around the world.

Our research programmes have been enriched through collaborations with leading Australian institutes such as The Monash Institute of Pharmacy Sciences, The Baker Institute, The Walter Eliza Hall Institute, The Florey Institute of Neurosciences and Mental Health and most recently BioCurate  – a joint venture between The University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the Victorian Government.

Through our clinical development programs in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, immune-inflammatory diseases and neuropsychiatric diseases we engage with Australian clinical experts in collaborations that extend from PK studies in healthy volunteers, through early Phase I and II clinical trials, giving Australian patients the opportunity to be amongst the first in the world to have access to new drugs in development, and all the way through to Phase III studies in larger patient populations.

We are also committed to contribute to sustainable healthcare through our clinical research fellowship programme with The George Institute for Global Health.

The key to our success is our passion and strong commitment to put patients at the heart of our work.

There are a total of 15 ICTRs located around the world. They play a fundamental role in the development of Servier’s product portfolio in the Group’s 5 therapeutic areas.