When I was depressed I was also tired all the time. Even little disappointments were emotionally hard and stressful. I had to learn again to manage stressful things. I had to repeat it to myself that this isn´t such a big deal.~ Lauri*

Scientists recognise that stress is a normal reaction that occurs in response to threats or difficulties. This is sometimes called the “fight or flight response” and is a natural reaction to danger.1

Scientists and doctors understand that stress causes physical changes which are designed to help you take on threats or difficulties.

You may notice that your heart pounds, your breathing quickens, your muscles tense, and you start to sweat.1 Once the threat or difficulty is over, the physical effects usually fade. But, stress can lead to over-activity of the body’s stress response mechanisms. It can impact your emotional, mental, and even physical health.1

When internal stress overwhelms me, I decide to take a warm bath whilst listening to relaxing music.~ Paul*

Relaxing in the way you like can help you manage stress.

I take time also for being by myself and relaxing the way I like. That is equally as important as getting things done.~ Alma*


Stress is a normal reaction1
Stress can impact your emotional and mental health1
Relaxing in the way you like can help you managing stress


*Names changed.


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