It is important to take your medication daily, as prescribed by your doctor.

You may find it helpful to add a reminder to your phone’s calendar.

Select from the below options to add a reminder to your Android or iPhone.

Please note that for Apple users this page works best on Safari.
If you use Outlook, please download the iCal option.

If you no longer require this calendar reminder, it can be easily deleted.

This calendar reminder is provided for your convenience only and used at your own risk. It does not provide any medical advice or treatment. You are responsible for any prescriptions and dosage added to this calendar. Always consult your doctor before making any medical decisions. We are not liable for any consequences arising from the failure to renew prescriptions. We do not warrant or guarantee that the calendar will function with your mobile or computing device or be compatible with the hardware or software on any particular devices. The calendar may be impacted by network availability, potentially affecting alert or notification delivery or otherwise interfering with the operation of this calendar. Please refer to our terms of use for further information.

If you have been prescribed a Servier product and would like further information or report a side effect, please call our toll-free helpline 1800 153 590 or click here to read the relevant information for consumers.

Thank you for using the calendar reminders responsibly.