Toward a new model to accelerate innovation

- Claude Bertrand, Executive Vice President Research & Development

Our R&D model is constantly evolving to accelerate the delivery of medicines that respond to the real needs of patients. The establishment of the future Servier Paris-Saclay Research Institute is a perfect illustration of our desire to pursue more open, agile, and productive research to serve patients. This new R&D model is based on three pillars: focusing on projects with high added-value for patients, building on science and translational medicines and capitalising on the benefits of digital technology.

Our ambition is to answer, quickly and efficiently, the needs of our patients in areas where they have major needs.

- Emmanuel Canet. Senior Executive Vice-President Research & Development

Servier organises its R&D in 5 large therapeutic areas where it has extensive know-how and recognised expertise and in which there are important unmet needs of patients: cardiovascular, immune and inflammatory, and neuropsychiatric diseases, as well as cancer and diabetes. Servier draws on the excellence of its 2900 R&D employees worldwide, 600 of whom are in France, to develop effective treatment solutions.