Dr. Shiromi from The Cloud GP, in collaboration with mental health organisation 20Talk, covers all the questions you might have when speaking to your GP about mental health.

Series 1

Breaking the Silence: Preparing for a GP Appointment

Time to Talk: Get Ready for a GP Mental Health Care Plan Appointment

Mental Health Matters: Keeping the Momentum After a GP Appointment

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20Talk goes beyond conventional mental health support. They strive to empower young adults aged 18-30 by integrating essential mental health tools and skills into their lives. 20Talk’s mission is to be the most relatable mental health charity of the 21st century, challenging the status quo and redefining the approach to mental health education.


Dr. Shiromi, GP and founder of The Cloud GP, is passionate about mental health and providing access to timely mental health support when needed, through a variety of different online tools and resources.


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